How Can You See the Sun From Earth?

How Can You See the Sun From Earth?

Observing the sun from earth requires special precautions and equipment as direct observation with the naked eye or clear lenses causes eye damage and can result in blindness. An image of the sun can be projected directly onto paper, allowing safe observation, or a viewing tool with an appropriate filter can be used./

  1. Gather materials

    The simplest projector uses two sheets of stiff white paper and a pin. Take these materials outside on a sunny day.

  2. Build the projector

    Poke a pinhole in the center of one of the pieces of paper. This will focus the sunlight. Take the second piece of paper, and prop it up on a table so it faces the sun. This will provide an observation screen.

  3. Project the sun

    Hold the paper with the pinhole up toward the sun, and move it until the sun's rays fall on the observation screen. A bright disk on the paper screen appears once the pinhole aligns with the sunlight.

  4. Refine the solar projector

    Find a box that is about 2 feet tall, then cut a small hole in its top. Place the pinhole paper over this hole. At the bottom of the box, cut open one side about halfway up. On the bottom of the box place the white paper screen. Aim this assembly at the sun until the disk appears.