Where Can You Find a Schedule of Upcoming Meteor Showers?


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Upcoming meteor shower schedules are available from the American Meteor Society and EarthySky.org. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory also publishes information about major meteor showers and how to see them.

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The American Meteor Society has a meteor shower calendar on its website. The major meteor showers are organized chronologically, with indications of the expected peak viewing date for each shower. In 2015, there are 12 meteor shower events, each with varying intensity.

EarthSky.org also lists meteor showers in chronological order along with the approximate numbers of meteors per hour, the likelihood of fireballs and other interesting facts. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory calendar concerns itself with information such as comet of origin, potential velocity and peak activity counts. The calendar of events is published on JPL.NASA.gov.

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