What Can We Do to Help Save Endangered Animals?

Some things people can do to help save endangered animals include making homes wildlife-friendly, learning all about endangered animals in the area, recycling and always buying sustainable products. Another thing people can do is to slow down while driving, because many endangered animals are killed by vehicles each year.

Learning about endangered species that live in the area will help people understand how important they are and how they benefit the world. Learning about them also provides a new appreciation for the species. People who live in houses can help to make their homes wildlife-friendly by taking a few simple steps: secure outdoor trash cans with lids to keep critters out of dangerous trash, always feed pets inside, and clean and disinfect bird baths regularly to avoid spreading disease among birds in the area.

Participating in a recycling program can help to slow down or stop the destruction of the forests. Stay away from furniture made from wood gathered in a rain forests and never throw batteries or old cell phones in the trash. The acid from the batteries contaminates soil and water, placing wildlife in danger.

When driving, slow down. Human populations are spreading fast and their homes and businesses are being built on land that once belonged to animals. This is forcing those animals closer to small roads and highways, making their crossing very dangerous because of high-speed traffic.