How Can I Save the Earth?


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There are several ways to save the Earth, including recycling, turning off electrical items when not in use and starting a compost pile, according to JustGive. Recycling allows people to use fewer natural resources. Turning off electrical items helps reduce global warming, and composting is a good way to reuse food to fertilize gardens.

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Other ways to reuse materials include taking extra plastic and rubber pots back to greenhouses or nurseries and using old pieces of paper as scrap instead of throwing it away. Additional ways to reuse involve bread bags, brown paper bags and grocery bags. By using biodegradable materials, such as paper plates and cups instead of plastic or Styrofoam helps save the earth. However, it is best to use washable materials, if at all possible, and ones that are reusable and do not need to be thrown away.

Ways to save the Earth that are related to automobiles include bicycling whenever possible instead of using a car, making sure tires are filled properly to avoid bad gas mileage, carpooling, buying more fuel-efficient vehicles and keeping vehicles tuned up.

Garden and outdoor related ways to save the Earth include pulling weeds instead of using pesticides or using organic fertilizers, which are more environmentally friendly. Mulch helps to conserve water in gardens.

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