How Can You Find Some Resources About Light Energy for Kids?

The Science Kids website contains lots of child-friendly information on light. On this site, children can learn interesting facts about light, watch videos about light, view light-related images (for example, pictures of stars or the sun), play educational games about light or even do light-related experiments.

Use the images section to pique your child's interest in light by showing her stunning depictions of the Sun, the Aurora Borialis, optical illusions and more. Science Kids can educate your child with facts concerning the speed of light, photosynthesis and how different mediums impact the speed of light. Children can also learn about the closest stars to the solar system. The website teaches about famous scientists who did experiments with light such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Gailei.

Kids can also watch videos of lightening and the sun, which are natural sources of light. They can perform experiments that involve bending light and using a prism to create rainbows. There are also games that teach them about the workings of the eye, reflections and shadows. If you want a more complete learning experience, check out the lessons section, and use the quizzes section to help children brush up on what they've learned