Where Can You Find Reliable Information on Solar Energy?


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Reliable information on solar energy is available on Energy.gov, a website of the U.S. Department of Energy. Other sites that offer reliable solar information include energyinfocenter.org, Solarenergy.com and Solarenergy.net.

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Energy.gov includes articles about how solar energy works, information on companies working to solve solar industry challenges, and a solar IQ quiz. It also includes information about the SunShot Initiative, which is a funding program for research, marketing and manufacturing projects. The SunShot Initiative's goal is to make solar energy as cost-effective and accessible for consumers as electricity. Since its founding in February 2011, the SunShot Initiative has funded over 350 projects. These projects focused on photovoltaics and concentration of solar power, as well as systems integration, balancing costs and getting solar technology to market.

The Energy Information Center is a clearinghouse for public information about solar and other energy topics. The site was founded by volunteer experts in engineering, science, academia and other fields, and focuses on unknown and underreported energy facts and as well as dispelling energy myths.

Solarenergy.net focuses on various energy sources, including residential rooftop solar topics, as well as climate-friendly living. Solarenergy.com provides information about solar energy, as well as do-it-yourself solar energy products and free quotes from professional installers.

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