Where Can You Recycle Used Book Batteries?


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Consumers can recycle book batteries at municipal recycling centers, sites designed for accepting hazardous household waste, and collection facilities and boxes at retailers such as The Home Depot and Best Buy. Recycling requirements and facilities vary by jurisdiction.

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Book batteries are usually standard AG-3 and AG-10 button-type alkaline batteries used in watches and cameras. They usually do not contain mercury or hazardous materials or pose significant environmental risks. Many states allow consumers to dispose of them in household trash since there are no cost-effective recycling methods for handling them, and those turned in at recycling centers generally end up in landfills.

Only California requires consumers to recycle alkaline batteries and has a network of recycling centers and hazardous waste facilities that accept them. In New York, consumers may bring button-type batteries to jewelers, camera shops and watch repairers. In other locations, consumers must check with their local recycling centers.

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