How Can I Recycle a Parents Magazine?

How Can I Recycle a Parents Magazine?

There are many ways to recycle magazines, including donating them to literacy programs or hospitals, dropping them off at recycling centers, and using them for craft projects. According to the Magazine Publishers of America, most people aren't aware that magazines can be recycled with other printed material such as phone books, catalogs, and newspapers.

Literacy programs appreciate donations of old magazines that are still in decent condition. The magazines are sent to social programs to help people in homeless shelters and job training programs. Magazine Literacy focuses on magazines as a medium because they are engaging, interesting, and don’t intimidate new readers.

The glossy, colorful high-quality paper in magazines can be re-purposed for crafts such as artwork, jewelry, storage containers, place mats, baskets, and wall decorations. There are also cost savings when recycling magazines as compared to traveling to a craft supply store and purchasing new paper. Local grade schools may welcome magazine donations for their art classes.

There are software programs that scan magazine articles if disposing of them is not an option. Archival services can rebind a special collection of magazines into a single binding or hardcover.

The recycling rate for magazines, only 20 percent, is lower than for other types of printed material. However, paper recycling centers can use magazines and catalogs to create source material for tissue paper, newspaper, boxes and printer paper.