How Can You Recycle Paper and Cardboard?

How Can You Recycle Paper and Cardboard?

To recycle paper or cardboard, take it to a local paper recycling facility. recommends visiting or contacting the local public works department to find the nearest recycling center.

Various types of paper and cardboard need to be separated before recycling, as each type of paper and cardboard is recycled in a different way and the resulting recycled material is used for different purposes. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled items, as long as it is not wet and has not been contaminated by food, grease or oils. This is because wet or soiled corrugated cardboard can clog the sorting machines at the recycling facility.

Newspaper is also highly recyclable and should be kept separate from other paper recycling, as it typically goes directly back into making new newsprint. However, recycled newspapers can also be used to make grocery bags, tissues, egg cartons, cereal boxes and more.

Magazines, fliers, catalogs and other types of glossy paper can also be recycled, and these materials are normally accepted along with computer paper and other standard types of paper.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 60 percent of the paper and cardboard used in the United States is recycled each year.