How Can You Recycle Freezer Storage Boxes?

Consult the recycling department in the applicable city to find out if freezer boxes are recyclable in a given area. Some American cities do not accept freezer boxes for recycling as of 2015. Reusable plastic freezer boxes may be recycled by bringing the boxes to a facility that processes the applicable type of plastic.

Cardboard freezer boxes often contain a plastic-based chemical compound that allows the cardboard to stay structurally sound in a damp, cold environment such as a freezer. The inclusion of this compound means that the cardboard is unsuitable for use in most traditional recycling applications, therefore a number of cities in the United States do not accept freezer boxes for recycling. Not all freezer boxes contain the compound. Residents may be able to call a food company to find out whether or not the compound is in that particular packaging.

Any plastic linings or inserts must be removed from a cardboard freezer box before recycling. If the box has a wax coating that comes off when scratched, it may not be recyclable.

Reusable plastic freezer boxes are sometimes recyclable, depending on the individual facility. For example, Glad plastic freezer containers are made with number 5 plastic and are therefore recyclable at any facility that accepts number 5 plastic.