How Can You Raise Your Testosterone?


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When deemed medically necessary, testosterone levels are typically raised through testosterone replacement therapy, but there are natural ways to boost testosterone such as exercise and diet modification, according to Healthline. There are multiple forms of testosterone replacement therapy, including gels, patches and injections.

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Even though testosterone replacement therapy is often the answer to low testosterone production, MayoClinic warns that it may result in breast enlargement, acne, an increased risk of having a heart attack or pulmonary embolism, limited sperm production, and testicle shrinkage. For men who do not want to take those risks, Healthline states that there are multiple ways to boost testosterone levels naturally.

If a man is overweight or sedentary, a combination of weight loss and exercise may raise his testosterone levels. Healthline recommends supplementing the diet with more beans and nuts to boost levels of D-aspartic acid, a substance known to promote testosterone production.

A study published by National Institutes of Health suggests a direct correlation between zinc deficiency and low testosterone production. A placebo-controlled study showed a significant increase in testosterone levels in a group of men receiving daily vitamin D supplements over the course of one year, while there were no noteworthy changes among the placebo group participants.

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