How Can You Protect Yourself From an Electromagnetic Pulse?


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Methods of protecting oneself from an electromagnetic pulse include shielding electronics, fortifying food and water supplies, constructing a secure bunker, increasing medical knowledge and developing useful pre-electric society skills, according to Off The Grid News. Although the chances of survival increase with preparation, the catastrophic results of a strategically detonated EMP can completely ruin the electrical infrastructure of a large country and potentially lead to mass panic, hunger and lawlessness.

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While it is possible to electrically shield entire rooms, Off The Grid News claims that it is more cost-effective to construct Faraday cages around valuable electronic equipment such as computers and ham radios. Aluminum foil, copper wiring and BoPET film are suitable materials to protect electrical devices from an EMP. Modern-day electronics unconnected to an uninterrupted power supply do not function until the grid power returns, but battery-powered devices are likely to run immediately following an EMP.

Having between two and three years of food and water per person is ideal for surviving an EMP scenario, recommends Off The Grid News. This is exceptionally difficult due to storage concerns and spoilage, so it is best to choose foods that do not spoil quickly and that consume minimal storage space. Examples include canned goods, rice, dried beans, legumes and grains. Storing foods in a cool, sealed environment can drastically delay the expiration date. Each individual requires approximately a gallon of water per day.

The ideal structure to survive in a post-EMP society is underground and as isolated as possible, explains Off The Grid News. An exception is a dwelling in close proximity to a functioning military base. Those who are unable to make a fortified structure on their own can cooperate with neighbors to construct a bunker, in addition to combining resources.

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