Where Can You Find a Price Guide for Recycling Aluminum Can Tabs?


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Price guides for recycling aluminum can tabs are located on scrap metal recycling websites such as ScrapMSC.com and MetalPrices.com. Prices fluctuate regularly based on the region and metal market values. Many scrap dealers pay less than the aluminum market value, since they have recycling expenses as well.

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Aluminum can tabs can be sold by the pound or ton for recycling. One pound of scrap aluminum requires over 1,200 can tabs. Scrap metal prices, including aluminum can tab prices, fluctuate constantly, so check an up-to-date chart such as the one on MetalPrices.com to determine the current scrap value. Some scrap metal places pay more per pound for larger quantities of metal, since the actual value of scrap aluminum is minimal. Some companies that accept scrap metal pay the same scrap aluminum price for the tabs and their associated cans.

Organizations that collect tabs to help offset expenses often don't want aluminum cans, because the tabs tend to be cleaner and may be a purer grade of aluminum. If recycling the tabs on your own to collect cash, ask your local recycling center if it pays for aluminum cans as well, because the cans are also recyclable. Make sure the cans are clean and dry before offering them for sale to a recycling center or scrap metal dealer.

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