Where Can You Find Pictures of Wild Animals?


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As of 2015, National Geographic's website and stock photo service hosts many images of wild animals, as does the website Animal Diversity Web. The images on ADW are organized chiefly by scientific taxonomy, while National Geographic's image galleries include categories like "Animal Affection."

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National Geographic has long been a major publisher of nature photography, including images of wild animals. Since 1897, the print magazine has emphasized illustration and photography as key to its mission to the public. The National Geographic website contains many images of wildlife, from both professionals and amateurs. National Geographic also operates a stock photo service, which contains many wild animal photographs as well.

ADW, the Animal Diversity Web, is another site that hosts images of wild animals. Image results can be filtered by coloration, sex of the animal, body parts, habitat, and behavior. Photographs can be found both on the master list, and under the taxonomic information for each animal group.

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