Where Can I Find a Picture of Clover?


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Pictures of clover are found on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, HowStuffWorks and the U.S. Department of Agriculture websites. There are several types of clover, including red clover, white clover, Swedish clover and Italian clover.

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Clover plants are characterized by leaves that come in three or four leaflets and small flowers. There are hundreds of species of this plant. Red and white clovers are fairly common. Red clover is found in meadows and used in feed. White clover has the typical heart-shaped leaves and is closely associated with shamrocks. As the name suggests, the flowers are small and white. White clover is a low, creeping plant used as ground cover. It has the added benefit as acting as a natural fertilizer.

Swedish clover and Italian clover are both popular for enhancing yards and improving soil. While the former grows to 2 feet tall, the latter reaches up to 3 feet. However, Swedish or alsike clover is poisonous to many grazing animals. Not only is it poisonous, it also contains wiry hairs that can physically harm the animal during digestion. It also has a small amount of cyanogenic material as well as a poisonous photosensitization material. Animals poisoned with clover usually experience a loss of appetite.

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