Where Can I Pick Wild Mushrooms?


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Each spring the morel mushroom, the most popular and prolific wild mushroom in the United States, crops up across the country along the edges of forests. Field & Stream reports that the mushrooms tend to grow most often near elm, oak, aspen and ash trees, particularly along slopes facing north.

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While black morels are most frequently found in hardwood forests, often in the shade of fallen trees, white and giant morels are distributed throughout a more diverse range of habitats, according to Mother Earth News. In fact, mushroom hunters find white and giant morels in evergreen forests, orchards, fields, dry creek bottoms, flood plains, at the grown-over sites of former mines and on temperate, forested islands. Many mushroom hunters return to their favorite hunting grounds for several consecutive years with continued success before they must look elsewhere.

The best way to start looking for mushrooms is to stop after spotting the first one and slowly scan the rest of the general area, as there are likely others nearby, indicates an article in The Southern. The magazine recommends walking carefully to avoid stepping on mushrooms, as morels often are difficult to spot, particularly on the forest floor, where they are well camouflaged.

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