How Can a Person Identify the Various Organs of the Body?

When learning to identify the organs of the body, it helps to know the general area where the organ is located, its main function, and the approximate shape or size of the organ. is a site that lists the main organs of the body and discusses their major functions.

Usually the location of the organ narrows down the list of possibilities for identification. For instance, the lungs are located in the chest area, while the intestines are located further down in the abdomen.

Size must also be taken into consideration when identifying organs. Larger organs such as the brain and the heart are typically more easily identifiable. Smaller organs such as the gallbladder are harder to identify, and its location and function are needed to identify it. Shape can be used to identify organs as well; knowing that the kidneys are shaped like beans helps to identify them.

Function can be used to identify an organ in the body; for instance, knowing food is digested in the stomach and air is pushed into the lungs is helpful in identifying these organs. If an organ contains large amounts of food, it is most likely either the stomach or the intestines.