What Can People Do to Stop Water Pollution?

People can stop water pollution by throwing litter into proper trash bins, helping clean up garbage in rivers and lakes and on beaches, not throwing litter down the drain and using eco-friendly cleaning liquids. Moreover, it helps to use water wisely to avoid water shortages and reduce the amount of contaminated water that requires treatment. It is also important to dispose of toxic household chemicals properly.

Water gets easily polluted when mixed with trash. To prevent polluting rivers, lakes and oceans, it is essential to throw trash in the correct waste bin. Recycling usable trash is also a great solution. Whenever possible, it helps to pick up litter and organize cleaning groups with local people to clean up local waterways. The Natural Resources Defense Council suggests proper disposal of trash and recycling of products. They also recommend the use of natural fertilizers and native plants to retain soil moisture and divert waste from landfills. It is also crucial to dispose of hazardous products properly. Flushing harmful chemicals, like paints and cleaning solvents, and non-degradable trash, such as disposable diapers, can affect the sewage treatment process and contaminate beaches and other bodies of water. Additionally, getting active and involved in environmentally friendly activities is a great way to prevent and reduce pollution.