How Can You Find Out Your Blood Type?

Puncture your finger safely with a lancet to collect blood, and use a blood type testing kit with an EldonCard to determine your type. You need a medicine dropper, water, rubbing alcohol, a tissue to apply the alcohol, a lancet, four Eldonsticks and an EldonCard.

  1. Wet the test fields on the card

    Place the EldonCard on a clean, flat surface. Collect water with a medicine dropper, and place a drop in the center of each circular test field on the card.

  2. Apply rubbing alcohol to your finger, and poke the tip with a lancet

    Wet a piece of tissue with rubbing alcohol and apply the alcohol to the tip of your finger. Press the tip of a lancet against the tip of your finger and use the lancet to puncture your finger deeply enough to draw blood.

  3. Collect blood with an Eldonstick, and apply the blood to the card

    Press the tip of an Eldonstick against the drawn blood until at least 1/8 inch of the tip is covered in blood. Place the tip of the stick at the center of the first test field and, without lifting the stick, use a circular motion to spread the blood to the border of the test field. Discard the stick. Repeat this step with the remaining three test fields.

  4. Tilt the card clockwise

    Lift the card, and tilt it into a vertical position. Wait 10 seconds, then turn the card to the right. Repeat until the card is back in an upright position.

  5. Let the card dry, and determine your blood type

    Set the card down to dry at room temperature. Search the kit you purchased for a chart, and use the chart to determine which blood type outcome matches the outcome on your card.