How Can One Make a 3-D Plant Cell?

To make a 3-D plant cell, gather materials like yarn, salt dough, candy, cake, clay or beads, and then determine what plant cell that the model will be fashioned after and use the materials to make it. Making a 3-D plant cell is fun and provides the ability to see in detail the parts of a plant cell.

The following is how to make a 3-D plant cell out of modeling compound.

  1. Find image of plant cell
  2. Make sure to find a detailed image that shows all the properties of a plant cell

  3. Make parts of the cell
  4. Take a portion of the model magic and form the nucleus, cell wall, chloroplasts and other cell parts. Make sure to use different colors so it is easy to identify.

  5. Make cytoplasm
  6. Take school glue and apply in between nuclear envelope and cell membrane. Let this dry for at least 24 hours.

  7. Identify the cell parts
  8. Take construction paper and cut it into strips. Glue the model to a poster board. Take the strips and write down the cell parts. Glue the strips to the poster with the other end attached to a cell part.