How Can One Build a Fake Mountain?

Building a model of a mountain can be simple or more complex depending on the materials used. Less detailed models can be made out of clay while more detailed models may require the use of multiple pieces of material, including chicken wire, plaster cloth, paint and sand. The chicken wire can be made to form the base of the mountain, acting as an armature of sorts upon which plaster cloth, texture and color are built.

Those people who need a simple and quick way to make a model of a mountain can simply use clay, including low-temperature bake polymer clays or air-dry clays, to form the shape of the mountain. The clay can either be used in colors that resemble that of a mountain including grays, browns, whites and greens or it may be painted after the clay has hardened. This method is not necessarily the best approach for large or detailed mountain models, however.

Those people who need to build a more detailed mountain model will want to approach the project from the inside out, building some sort of a base form for the model and then building it up with different textured and colored material. Inner forms can consist of chicken wire or even balled up paper.