How Can You Neutralize Nitric Acid?

To neutralize nitric acid, start with a basic solution, make a saturated solution of HNO3 in a beaker, dilute to the ratio of 1:10, and pour the solution gradually till pH of 7 is attained. The process takes less than 30 minutes.

  1. Get neutralization equipments ready

    Gather all required equipment, including sodium carbonate for neutralization of the acid, one or two gallon-sized polythene buckets as required, protective tools such as goggles, an apron, gloves and 500-milliliter beakers. Obtain pH indicator strips to determine when neutralization of the acid by the base is achieved.

  2. Obtain information about standard personal safety measures

    Obtain detailed information by reading Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) or contact environmental Health and Safety Department Hazard Communications Section if MSDS cannot be found. Try to conform to recommended minimum personal protection standard like working in a well-ventilated environment, using gloves made of neoprene or polyvinyl chloride, depending on MSDS instruction. Wear a rubber apron, a lab coat, closed-toe shoes, goggles and a face shield. Wash the hands after working with chemicals.

  3. Neutralize the acid

    Make a saturated solution of sodium carbonate in a beaker, dilute the acid to the ratio of 1:10, and slowly add saturated solution of sodium carbonate until a pH of between 6 and 9 is attained. Check the pH value with a pH meter and pH indicator. A pH value close to 7 is ideal to reduce the likelihood of damaging the sink.