Where Can You Find Free Monthly Planner Templates?

Where Can You Find Free Monthly Planner Templates?

The website Vertex42.com specializes in productivity templates, and it provides one- and two-page monthly planner templates in XLS and ODS format. The website TimeAndDate.com is an online tool for creating and customizing monthly calendar planners and downloading them in PDF format. CalendarLabs.com is an online tool to create and customize monthly calendar planners and download them in DOC format. The design and templates blog ScatteredQuirrel.com features some monthly planners in PDF format.

The choice of the template depends on the desired features of the monthly planner and the format that the user prefers. Basic monthly planners consist of a monthly calendar, while more complete monthly planners also feature to-do lists, goals and reminders.

Concerning the format, users need a PDF editor tool, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, to modify PDF templates, although any PDF viewer can print templates in this format.

Microsoft Word can edit and print templates in DOC format, while templates in XLS format require Microsoft Excel. OpenOffice can modify and print templates in ODS format.

Monthly and weekly planners are one of the most important tools for productivity methods such as Getting Things Done and Zen to Done. Planners are useful to set up and remember deadlines, plan the monthly or weekly goals and coordinate with other people. Many people also use monthly and weekly calendars as meal planners.