Where Can You View Mons Veneris Pictures?


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Pictures of the mons veneris are available both on Wikimedia Commons and the Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio Website. The mons veneris is referred to as the mons pubis on both of these websites.

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The mons veneris is a fleshy mound on the area of the pubic bones in human females. It can also be called the mons pubis. The mons pubis appears on human males as well.

Wikimedia Commons has several different types of pictures of the mons veneris, showing it both shaved and unshaven from several different angles. It also includes pictures of the mons veneris with piercings and tattoos. There is even a picture of the mons veneris being painted. There is also a chart showcasing the diversity of the sizes the mons veneris comes in.

The Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio shows many images of particularly large varieties of mons veneris on its website. The pictures are only from a side angle, but they show what the body part looks like before and after liposuction. The website explains that the mons veneris can descend and enlarge as women age. However, through the magic of liposuction, plastic surgeons can suck the fatty tissue out of the mons veneris and reduce its overall size.

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