How Can You Memorize the List of Amino Acids?


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A few good ways to memorize an amino acid list are using mnemonic techniques, list linking techniques or enhancing memory using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. Trying several methods and choosing the method that works best is one of the fastest ways to memorize lists. To use tDCS, it is required to purchase a tDCS device that may cost up to $1,000.

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Mnemonic techniques are used to encode the difficult lists of amino acids as vivid images in the mind so that one can recall them more easily. Mnemonics rely on applying a location, association and imagination to create a strong mental connection. The stronger the image is in the mind, the more efficiently it can be recalled. To remember the desired information, associate it with a story, an image, a familiar location or path and so on. Common associations used are happy images, symbols, rhymes, humor, distorted sizes in images, movement actions inside the image, smells, sounds, touch, tastes and more. A separate learning method is linking the items in the list in a series with one item interacting in a vivid picture in the mind to create an interacting vivid link. Another method is using a tDCS device that enhances the learning capabilities of the brain to better memorize and learn information. The U.S. Military is using tDCS to increase the learning speed of officers who perform tasks that range from piloting a plane to marksmanship. As of 2014, there have been no reports of harmful effects from using tDCS.

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