What Can You Do With Makeup to Help Small Eyes?


People with eyes of all shapes and sizes use cosmetics to change and brighten their appearance. By caring for the skin around the eyes and creatively using makeup, even the smallest eyes can appear large and bright.

  1. Prepare your eyes

    Eyes often look smaller than they are because of puffiness, redness or dark circles. To combat this appearance, use hydrating eye creams regularly, and invest in a primer that smooths out wrinkles. If you are getting ready for a specific event, use a cold compress to reduce swelling and make your eyes seem larger.

  2. Highlight with shadow

    Eye shadow is the main tool to make eyes appear larger. A medium brown shade in the crease draws attention to your eyes, especially if there is some shimmer in the shade. Light splashes of pearly or white shadow on the middle of the lid and on the inner corners brighten and visually widen your eyes as well.

  3. Add liner and mascara

    A thin, straight black liner on the upper lid accentuates the eye, while a line that grows thicker towards the outer corners on the bottom creates an illusion of wide, almond-shaped eyes. Use a white liner to brighten the waterline and to prevent the black liner from making your eye appear constricted. Multiple coats of a volumizing mascara provide lift for your lashes and also make small eyes appear more open.