How Can I Make My Veins Show More?


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To see veins with more clarity and definition, there are three major things a person can do: increase his workout intensity, decrease his body fat and eliminate his subcutaneous water, according to Muscle Prodigy. Vascularity improves through increased blood flow, which occurs during exercise.

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Daily exercise increases a person's heart rate allowing the heart to pump more blood to the areas of the body being exercised. Weight training for a specific body part increases blood to that body part, stretching the flexible veins to carry more blood and help burn calories, according to WebMD. Exercising regularly with increased intensity keeps veins expanded. Burning off excess fat adds definition to muscles and allows veins to look more prominent. Water consumption is an important part of making veins more visible.

Drinking enough water every day helps keep the metabolism functioning properly, which increases fat loss; aids in digestion allowing the body to process proteins, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently; prevents constipation; keeps kidneys healthy; and fights dehydration, contributing to overall health. Increased water intake when exercising keeps the body from holding water and decreases subcutaneous water held under the skin, giving a person a thin-skinned appearance, making vascularity more prominent, notes Muscle Prodigy.

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