How Can I Make a Phosphorous Atom Model?

Anyone can make a phosphorous atom model by using colored balls to represent the nucleus and electrons and string and glue to hold it together on a strong sheet of cardboard. Balls representing the protons and neutrons must be glued together to form the nucleus. String will form the rings representing the orbital path of the electrons and balls are glued onto those rings to represent electrons.

Phosphorous has 15 protons, 15 electrons and 16 neutrons, so balls are needed in three different colors to represent these elements. Suitable materials include ping pong balls, foam balls or other round parts. The balls representing the protons and neutrons should be glued together to form a single nucleus that will sit at the center of the atom. Glue two balls representing electrons on the innermost ring, eight balls on the next ring and then five on the right side of the outermost ring.

Use any type of glue or a hot glue gun to glue the parts together and then take care to glue the entire piece to cardboard to keep everything in place and make it easy to transport or display.