How Can You Make Your Own Clock?


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The best way to make a clock is to begin by purchasing a clock kit, which usually contains a battery-operated movement, a bar that controls the hands, and the clock hands themselves. There are many materials suitable for the face of the clock, including pieces of wood, old plates or recycled parts such as bicycle gears. In most cases, the bulk of the project consists of drilling a hole in the face and attaching the movement mechanism.

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Clock kits tend to be relatively inexpensive, but provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to mounting and decoration. There are relatively few tools needed to build a clock using a movement kit; in most cases, the only tool needed is a drill to make a hole in the object that acts as the clock's face. Depending on the material, it is sometimes necessary to build a housing for the movement mechanism. For example, making a clock out of an old book may require building a frame for easier mounting and stability.

Alternately, hollow materials such as containers can be transformed into clocks, and provide a space to hide the movement mechanism while allowing for easy access to change the battery.

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