How Can You Make Money Recycling Cardboard?

To make money recycling cardboard, purchase a baling machine, find a suitable location for the machine, get training, collect empty boxes, bale the boxes, and ship them off to a local recycling center. Compressing boxes before delivering to a recycling center increases your earnings significantly.

  1. Purchase a bailing machine

    Conduct research on the best baling machine based on the amount of recycling you intend to do. Although not mandatory, a baling machine significantly increases your earnings. Recyclers pay more for baled and crushed cardboard.

  2. Find a location for your machine

    Place the baling machine where it is easily accessible. Leave sufficient space around the machine for compressed cardboard bales and staging empty boxes.

  3. Get training

    Arrange to take training from the bailing machine manufacturer to ensure that you know how to safely and effectively operate the machine. All employees that are part of the recycling process should attend the training.

  4. Collect empty boxes

    Delegate the task of collecting and storing empty cardboard boxes in the baling area. Assign a trained employee the task of operating the baling machine. The bales should be stacked neatly after they are compressed.

  5. Ship the bales

    Ship the bales to a local recycling center. Ensure that you have a steady supply of cardboard to keep profits high.