How Can You Maintain a Clean Environment?

Although there are many different ways to keep the environment clean, some useful tips include avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and cleaning chemicals in the home, reducing carbon footprints and recycling different trash items. Another way to maintain a clean environment is to avoid buying plastic water bottles.

Cleaning products, such as oven cleaners, bleach, drain cleaners and detergents, contain chemicals that can adversely affect the air and water sources in the environment. An alternative to using these products is to make "green" cleaners with ingredients that include vinegar, plain water and baking soda. Recycling paper and plastic items can greatly reduce the trash amounts in a home. Similarly, electronic devices should be taken to a recycling center because they can contain toxic ingredients, including mercury.

Reducing carbon footprints can lead to less air pollution. Carbon footprints are the amount of carbon compounds and byproducts that are emitted into the air. Instead of buying plastic water bottles, people can use water filters to avoid amassing large amounts of plastic waste material.