How Can We Maintain Biodiversity?

How Can We Maintain Biodiversity?

People can maintain biodiversity by protecting habitats, shopping consciously and reducing waste. Simple activities in people?s everyday lives can make a significant difference in preserving biodiversity.

People can help maintain biodiversity by supporting the habitats of exotic animals and plants. They can make donations to NGOs whose mission is to ease the pressure on loss of ecosystems and biodiversity. They can also assist in cleaning up and protecting reserves and national parks. Furthermore, they can care for injured animals.

When people buy foods or other products, they can help maintain biodiversity by making sure they come from sustainable sources. While they shop for wood or goods made from wood, people can check for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label and avoid buying products that come from illegal sources. Illegal logging is one of the primary factors that contributes to loss of biodiversity.

Likewise, people can express their opposition to unsustainable fishing practices by avoiding endangered fish and checking seafood for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo. Over half of the world?s biodiversity lives in the water. The diversity of marine life is rapidly being depleted by overfishing and other unsustainable practices.

People can decrease the natural space necessary for landfill sites by reducing their waste. They can buy reusable items rather than products they use once and dispose of. By recycling, they can minimize the rate at which natural resources are consumed.