Where Can I Find a List of Omnivorous Animals?

can-list-omnivorous-animals Credit: Bauer, Erwin and Peggy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Other

The website for the St. John Fisher College has a webpage dedicated to lists of omnivores and omnivore food sources. Omnivores are animals that consume both plants and animals.

An omnivore is an opportunistic eater, meaning it eats what food is available. Omnivores live in a variety of habitats, including in the desert, underwater, in the forest and in the arctic. Omnivores that live in the desert include rabbits and roadrunners. Fish such as parrotfish, catfish and damselfish are water omnivores. Forest omnivores include birds, such as robins or blue jays. The grizzly bear is an example of an omnivore that lives in the arctic.