Where Can You Find a List of Fun Facts About Snow?


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Find a list of fun facts about snow on the Michigan Science Center website, Old Farmer's Almanac website and Science Kids website. Each snowflake is a unique creation, one of the facts on the list. This occurs because each flake forms in a different location under slightly different circumstances and the molecules that make it up are arranged uniquely.

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Snow is actually translucent, although it appears as white because the crystals forming the snowflake reflect light. Snow can also come in other colors, such as purple, pink, green and yellow tints, depending on the dust or algae the ice crystals form around. For instance, black snow can occur in areas with heavy nickel mining. Although snowflakes are generally very small, the largest snowflakes on record fell in 1887 in Montana. They were 8 inches thick and 15 inches in diameter.

These tiny flakes add up to huge amounts of snow, such as the 63 inches that fell in a single day in Georgetown, Colorado in 1913, or the 95 feet that fell in Washington in the winter of 1999. However, when this snow melts, the amount of water in inches is considerably less than the snow in inches. Ten inches of snow equals about one inch of water.

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