Where Can You Find a List of Activities to Avoid to Support Spare the Air?


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The best source of information of activities to avoid for Spare the Air is through the organization's website and its Spare the Air Alerts. Spare the Air is a San Francisco based program that educates the public about changing behaviors that directly affectair quality.

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The Spare the Air website lists tips for reducing the pollution and smog in the air during the summer and winter and issues alerts when ozone concentrations in the air exceed the federal health standards.

The alerts are issued by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and ask the public to avoid activities that add to ozone, including driving, using gas-powered lawn mowers and filling up at the gas station during the day.

Filling up at any time releases volatile organic compounds into the air. When released during the day, they mix with with nitrogen and cook in the sun to produce ground ozone.

Other tips for reducing ozone suggested by Spare the Air are car pooling, taking lunch towork to avoid driving during the day, replacing a charcoal grill with one that uses propane, avoiding doing errands on a day that an alert has been issued and using public transportation instead of driving.

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