What Can Liquid Plastic Be Used For?

What Can Liquid Plastic Be Used For?

Liquid plastic can help make a roof watertight and give it a UV resilient finish with an aim of boosting the roof’s protection against intense sunlight. Liquid plastic can work on metal roofing, asphalt roofing, slate roofing or single ply roof membranes.

Liquid plastic can coat existing roof shapes such as dome, pitched or flat roofs. The liquid plastic is derived from a completely bonded base such as acrylic or polyurethane. It works by creating a membrane over the roof.

The coating of the roof by liquid plastic has waterproofing attributes. The coating can even be applied during rainy seasons and still make the roof watertight immediately after application. The effectiveness of the coating can last between 5 to 30 years based on the environment and the purpose.

When applied for insulation of roofing systems, liquid membranes enhance installation of the coating on the same project, but on different surfaces. A single coated or multi-layered system provides a seamless waterproofing effect in areas where the conventional waterproofing methods may be restricted.

Liquid plastic systems are applied by roller or brush and are perfect for roofs that are prone to water regress such as upstands or pipe penetrations. The end results of a roof coated with liquid plastic is a roof surface free from seams and laps.