Where Can You Learn Answers to Physical Science Questions?

The answers to physical science questions can be found in textbooks, websites and from teachers. Because teachers rarely ask questions about material that has not been covered, textbook or class notes are the best place to start. However, if a review of class notes and textbooks fails to produce the desired answers, a trip to the library or an internet search is the next best option.

When looking for websites that may answer physical science questions, avoid searching for a specific question. Instead, search for the key words in the question. For example, if the question involved rocks and erosion, simply search for those words. If some of the search results should be excluded, consider typing “site:.edu” after the search terms. This will limit the searches to educational websites; similarly, typing “site:.gov” after the search terms will limit the search to government websites, such as the United States Geological Society.

If the desired answers are not found on the internet, consider consulting with a local library. In addition to the collection of books, encyclopedias, and periodicals they maintain, librarians are often very skilled in finding information. They can help to investigate some of the more obscure sources, such as microfiche films.