How Can Kids Make an Electromagnet?


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Kids can easily make an electromagnet using nothing more than 5 feet of copper wire, a large iron nail, a rubber band, sandpaper and an AA battery. These objects are readily available around the house, and there are few risks associated with making a small electromagnet. Making electromagnets will allow children to see basic science concepts in person.

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An electromagnet is a type of magnet where the magnetic field generated is created by electricity. As an electric field flows in the wire, a magnetic field is created. As the number of coils made by the wire increases, the power of current increases, making an electromagnet more flexible than a conventional magnet.

To make an electromagnet, wrap the copper wire around the iron nail tightly and all in the same direction. Use sandpaper to scrub off the enamel off the ends of the copper wire and connect the ends of the wire to the end of the wire. The electromagnet should now be able to attract a paperclip.

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