How Can We Keep the Environment Clean?


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Methods for keeping the environment clean include proper trash disposal, recycling, avoiding disposable products and using renewable energy sources. Other lifestyle changes that benefit the environment include taking public transportation and buying organic foods.

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Proper trash disposal involves sorting trash and not littering. Disposable products include plastic bags and bottles. They can be replaced by switching to fabric bags and glass bottles. A water filter cleans water and eliminates the need to buy bottled water. Taking public transportation, walking or riding a bicycle eliminates the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that are released when driving a car.

Organic foods, often found at farmers markets, are more likely to be made without pesticides or chemicals that can harm the environment. A person can also grow his own food. He can also reduce his consumption by only buying what he needs, avoiding products that have excessive packaging or aren't long lasting and trying to fix things before throwing anything away. He should look for clothes made from natural fabrics that required the least amount of harsh chemicals during production. Additional ways to benefit the environment as a consumer include opting for utility companies that use renewable energy, and using natural cleaning products such as soaps made from citrus or enzymes.

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