Where Can You Find Jade Color Chart?

Jade color charts can be found at the website Mason-Kay, and at Lotusgemology.com. The chart at Lotus Gemology focuses on the more valuable green-hued pieces of jade, while Mason-Kay's chart contains the full range of possible jadeite colors.

The jewelry website Mason-Kay contains a jade color chart detailing the different colors, textures and levels of translucency found in the gem stone. While green is the color most closely associated with fine, gem-quality jade, Mason-Kay's chart also showcases orange, lavender, white and gray stones. The chart also lists more technical information on stone quality and stones frequently misidentified as jade.

The color chart at Lotus Gemology demonstrates the different elements that contribute to a piece of jade's color. The webpage the chart is displayed at also contains information on Chinese names for various jade colors, and the difference between jadeite and nephrite. Both jadeite and nephrite are sold as jade, but jadeite tends to be more valuable.