Where Can You Find Interesting Facts About Space for a Classroom?

Where Can You Find Interesting Facts About Space for a Classroom?

Two resources where a teacher can find interesting facts about space for the classroom are NASA's educational material online, and lessons from the White House's website about the space race. Both sites have extensive information that can easily be used for lessons in the classroom.

NASA's site has a large amount of information for teachers to use. These include access to facts about specific space missions and the science behind them, discovery units on mars, astronauts, the technology that is used in space and overviews of current space programs.

The resources are for all grade levels from grade schoolto college level lessons. They include movies, games, interactive activities, facts about the planets, rocket history, solar and lunar eclipses and weather in space. They also cover NASA specific programs like the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, the space shuttle and detailed fact sheets about the planets gathered from the exploratory missions already completed.

The White House's unit on the space race covers the United States programs from their inception under Eisenhower in reaction to Russia launching Sputnik I. While Eisenhower didn't put space exploration as a national priority, he realized that the United States would need a space program to match Russia. He recommended that congress approve the creating of the National Aerodynamic and Space Administration, which they did in 1958.

The lesson includes details about the Space Race that took place under John F. Kennedy that led to the United States landing a man of the moon in 1969