Where Can You Find Information About the Vegetation That Lives in the Tropical Rain Forest?


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Universities, such as Cal Tech and the University of Santa Barbara as well as private organizations, including Blue Planet Biome and National Geographic, all have websites dedicated to rain forests. Most include information on both plants and animals.

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Cal Tech has its Learning about Rain Forests website. It has separate sections for plants and animals. Basic information is presented, and then a series of clickable tabs leads the user to individual plant pages. Examples of included plants, with pictures, are orchids, bromeliads and carnivorous plants.

The University of Santa Barbara's webpage, Kids Do Ecology, is geared toward younger learners. The World Biomes section has a rain forest page that includes information on plants, animals, weather, location and the people that live in these forests. The information on the site is easier to read than on most scientific ones.

Blue Planet Biomes is a private website that provides information on plant and animal life around the world. The Tropical Rain Forest page provides a map, general information on the forests and details of plant and animal life. The left-hand plant tab leads to individual plant species and pictures.

National Geographic, known for its documentaries and photography, has a rain forest picture gallery, including both plants and animals.

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