Where Can You Find Information About the Sun?

Information about the sun can be found on the cosmic information provider, Space.com. In addition to providing general information on galactic topics, the website gives a great deal of detail on the sun and its extensive history.

The section of the website about the sun delivers insightful information on the star's size, age and history. The first section gives general information on Earth's sun and a brief overview of its history. A more detailed depiction of the sun's origins, formation and composition are located throughout the page. The information on this website is extremely detailed and scientifically driven.

The page also includes videos and links to other scientific resources, such as NASA. Some of the more detailed topics that the site provides on the sun are its chemical composition, magnetic field, solar cycles and the history of humans observing the star. Although there are a number of other resources that can be used to find information on the sun, Space.com provides detailed articles and a large variety of facts. With an ample supply of content, informative videos and links to external resources, this website is the best place for an individual seeking information on the sun and space in general.