Where can you find information about local tides?


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Find information about tides at Tides4Fishing.com or TidesAndCurrents.NOAA.gov. Tides4Fishing.com features tide tables and related data for the U.S. East, West and Gulf Coasts, and Hawaii and Alaska. TidesAndCurrents.NOAA.gov features tide tables and related data for these locations and for other U.S. territories, and for many Pacific and Caribbean islands.

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Tides4Fishing.com features tide tables, solunar tables and information on lunar phases, tidal coefficients, sun and moon rising and setting times, and fishing-related data. TidesAndCurrents.NOAA.gov features tide-related information such as water levels for the Great Lakes, sea level trends, inundation statistics, current predictions and historic current data. In its Education section, it features tide-related resources for teachers and students, and articles such as "Types and Causes of Tidal Cycles" and "What Causes Tides?"

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