Where Can You Find Information on Atoms?


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Most basic information on the atoms of different elements is available on a standard periodic table of elements. These tables are organized based on the atomic properties of each atom.

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Where Can You Find Information on Atoms?
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The periodic table lists the atomic number, element symbol, the average weight of the atom and its atomic mass. Periodic tables are available from many sources including the Annenberg Learner, Chem4Kids, HowStuffWorks and WebElements.

Additional information on the structure of an atom is available in educational resources from New York University (NYU). The NYU resources include information about the differences between protons, neutrons and electrons; the different parts that make up atoms. The resources also include other forms of valuable information, such as the definition of an isotope, how to read a Bohr model, the wave model and quantum theory model of an atom, how electrons are organized around the nucleus and how atomic orbital and energy levels work. The NYU information also provides an interactive version of the periodic table of elements.

Chem4Kids explains how atoms bond together and how they are present in all larger structures, such as molecules, macromolecules, cell organelles, cells, tissues, organs and planets. Basic information on how atoms interact and their presence and functions in the human body is available from Pennsylvania State University's online chemistry lessons, with additional lessons explaining information about compounds.

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