How Can I Increase My Neck Size?

How Can I Increase My Neck Size?

To increase the size of your neck, perform both resistance and weighted exercises for the appropriate muscle groups. Do two sets of eight to 10 repetitions each, three times a week.

  1. Flex your neck

    Loop a resistance band around a weight machine, and position it over your forehead. Slowly tilt your head forward, resisting the pull of the band. Hold, and slowly return.

  2. Rotate your neck

    Sitting straight on a weight bench, place your right hand on your right temple. While resisting with your hand, look as far over your right shoulder as possible. After eight to 10 repetitions, switch to your left hand and left shoulder.

  3. Do back weight plate resistance

    Lie face down on the weight bench with your head hanging over the edge. Place a light weight plate on the base of your neck and head, holding it in place with both hands. Slowly lift your head, hold, and release.

  4. Perform front weight plate resistance

    Turn over so you are on your back on the weight bench. Your head should be hanging off the edge. Place a heavier weight plate on your forehead, holding it in place with both hands. Use a towel to protect your face. Slowly move your head up, aiming to place your chin on your chest. Hold, and then slowly release.