Where Can You Find Images of the Spinal Cord?


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Some websites that provide images on the anatomy of the spine include Mayfield Clinic, Inner Body and Healthline. The vertebral column extends down the middle of the back region from the skull's base to the coccygeal region, notes Inner Body.

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The spine, which has the shape of an S, links the brain with the body and provides support for the body's head and trunk. The five regions of the spinal column are the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal regions. The cervical region consists of seven vertebrae, C1 through C7, in the neck area. The thoracic region contains 12 vertebrae, T1 through T12, states Inner Body. The lumbar region has five vertebrae, L1 to L5.

These three sites offer different views of the spine, figures and also give detailed information on each region of the spine, spinal nerves, ligaments and facet joints. The Inner Body website provides a 2-D interactive clickable spine map and 3-D images of the spine region.

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