Where Can You Find Images for the Hubble Telescope?


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Images from the Hubble Telescope can be found on the organization's official website, HubbleSite.org. The telescope's extensive gallery provides a wide assortment of new and old images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Where Can You Find Images for the Hubble Telescope?
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After arriving at the site's official homepage, the image gallery can be found on the top menu. After selecting this menu category, a variety of viewing and picture options are available to visitors. But the simplest and most direct method of viewing the Hubble Telescope images can be achieved by selecting the picture album. Once chosen, there are a number of options to pick from, when sifting through the many pictures. The website allows visitors to browse the entire collection of images, search by category, or even select from the most popularly viewed photos taken by the telescope.

The photo album immediately provides visitors with the most recent or popular pictures taken by Hubble. However, this does not limit what can be viewed, as other options provide the means to browse through all of the images captured by the space telescope. This is achieved by looking through the entire collection. There is also the option of consolidating image selections by grouping, which can be accomplished by exploring the numerous tagged categories.

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