Where Can You Find Images of Dust Mites?


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Online images of dust mites are viewable on HouseDustMite.com, Ehso.com and Telegraph.co.uk. These sites contain both images and information on these bugs, which are part of the spider family and feed off dead skin cells.

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Where Can You Find Images of Dust Mites?
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Five images of dust mites viewed through a scanning electronic micrograph appear on HouseDustMites.com. This source discusses the mite's stages of life and its body composition, which is typically 75 percent water. A close-up of the bug's mouth is among the images.

The Environment Health and Safety Online site features several images and a great deal of information on dust mile allergies, and how to rid the home of these pests. The size of a dust mite is 250 to 300 microns long, too small to be seen by the human eye without magnification.

A colored scanning electronic micrograph image appears on The Telegraph website. Its caption states that these bugs live mostly in furniture and that their carcasses and excrement cause allergies in some people.

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