Where Can You Find Ideas for Designing a Flywheel?


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Find ideas for designing and building a flywheel at Garage.CSE.MSU.edu, ScientificAmerican.com and DamnInteresting.com. NASA is engaged in research on flywheels and has published articles about flywheel design on its site at NASA.gov.

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A page titled "Welcome to the GARAGe Flywheel Demo Page" at Garage.CSE.MSU.edu outlines work by GARAGe, an acronym for the Genetic Algorithms Research and Application Group, on the design of flywheels using composite materials. The page includes information of various aspects of flywheels, including how they work and how they relate to genetic algorithms and composite materials. Several video demos are featured near the bottom of the page.

An article at ScientificAmerican.com titled "Turn Up the Juice: New Flywheel Raises Hopes for Energy Storage Breakthrough" discusses the Velkess flywheel design and its use of a gimbal to decrease wobble and reduce friction. In the Velkess, Silicon nitride ball bearings run in a stainless steel track, with the assembly floating on magnets, to minimize friction. The article also discusses how failures of the system are detected and mitigated.

An article titled "The Mechanical Battery" at DamnInteresting.com discusses flywheels, including some applications that have been used and the features and problems of some designs and applications. An article at NASA.gov titled "From Child's Toy to the ISS: Flywheels Hold the Power" discusses many aspects of flywheels. NASA is researching how to generate energy in space using flywheels at its Aerospace Flywheel Technology department at Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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